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At The End Of The Road
2017 CD

Inland Empires Disregard The Sea
2016 CD

2015 CD

2014 CD

Wild Silver
2011 CD

Further On
2010 CD

...Eternity Drones
2007 CD-R

Warning Light

Warning Light has been the collected musical journey of Drew Haddon these past ten years. From early lo-fi noise to panoramic ambient synthesizer pieces, Warning Light has evolved throughout dozens of cassettes and CDrs. Along the way, Haddon founded the DIY noise label Sleepaway Recordings and his more recent PersistentMidnight cassette label, while playing in Atlanta mutantdisco quartet Roman Photos and minimal synth project High Marks.

At the End of the Road is Warning Light's sprawling return to his ambient roots, a deep synthesizer trip to the end of all charted spaces. Ten years ago, D Haddon released his first Warning Light CDr on Stickfigure, the aptly titled collection ...Eternity Drones. The decade of producing that followed saw him involved with recording a litany of releases by Roman Photos, Outer Gods, Snowbride, downers., Seeing the Sights, High Marks, Sareth Den, Kino Noir, Suitcases, Tree Creature, Kolossi, and Distant Hymns while operating the boutique DIY production house Persistentmidnight.