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Treacherous Water Features
2007 CD-R

Tree Creature

Once, long ago (sometime in summer of 2006) two sensitive young men wanted to start a band to showcase their sensitive ways/keyboards. Both had been active in the ATL noise/improv/experimental scene (Nathan is in local bands the Black Blacks, Magicicada and 1thousand holy shards and Drew is a member of Suitcases and Warning Light), but wanted to try something "pretty." After long hours of soul searching and practices, a show was attempted at the Kirkwood Baller's club. It went OK, but the fellows weren't happy and practiced more still. They opened up for a bunch of noise bands at the Eyedrum. They couldn't settle on a name. After going through a number of possibilities, they settled on Tree Creature.

Drew has since left the band to be replaced by Robby Kee.