PO Box 55462
Atlanta, GA 30308

Anthology Volume 1
2004 CD

Electrosleep Intl

Electrosleep Int'l formed during 1999 and were from Atlanta, georgia. The cd documents all of Electrosleep's recorded material during the time period of 1999-2002.

Due to drummer Nathan Ivey departing the band in 2002 there was a brief hiatus until 2003 when the replacement drummer Jeph Burgoon (portrait, airoes, the kossabone red) joined.

Electrosleep were definately one of atlanta's better kept secrets. Musically Electrosleep assault and dazzle the listener with dueling guitars, cascading keyboards and manic vocals. With such song titles as "Our fates were sealed the day the word party became a verb" you know this is good.

Electrosleep were J. Burgoon (portrait, airoes, battlecat), J. Fauver (deerhunter, diet cola, action porn, S.I.D.S. and the perpetual sciamachy theorem), S. Fitzgerald (hawks), M. Keenan (hawks, battlecat, airoes, wheeljack), S. Rogers (wheeljack, flak scrampe traumantra), S. Skyland (flak scrampe traumantra) and N. Ivey.

Electrosleep called it a day in early 2006.