PO Box 55462
Atlanta, GA 30308

Triple Lp Picture Disc
2003 LP

Camaro Crotch

Rising out of the suburbs of cobb county, georgia like a phoenix, Camaro Crotch attacked the atlanta hardcore scene during the summer of 2002.

Camaro Crotch as a band truly did not care what "the scenesters" thought and just went ahead and shredded everything in their path.

Camaro Crotch were Adam Stroupe (Death Domain, SIDS), Josh Feigert (Wymyns Prysyn, Transvestite), Sunni Johnson (Knaves Grave, Vera Fang, Pleasure Cruise), George Asimakos (Kanves Grave, Blame Game, Gold Standard, Chopper) and Navid Amlani (Coulier).