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Baby Teeth
2009 CD

Wound In Wall
2007 CD

The Feeding Fingers
2006 CD-R

The Feeding Fingers

Feeding Fingers is a dark indie/post-punk trio founded in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia by international award-winning animator/multi-media artist, Justin Curfman (vocals/keys/guitars). Along with Todd Caras (bass) and Danny Hunt (drums), Feeding Fingers recorded their first 10-track demo, which found its way to Gavin Frederick of Stickfigure Records, who immediately became interested in signing the band.

Feeding Fingers' first full-length debut album Wound In Wall was released in 2007 through Stickfigure Records and Curfman's media company, Tephramedia. The album found an audience in European and Asian countries, receiving rave reviews and comparisons to bands like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure and Bauhaus.

In 2009, the band released their follow-up album, Baby Teeth. This album was met with great response from fans and helped the band find an audience in their homeland through U.S. college radio stations. The album also received numerous chart recognitions, including Top 100 Alternative in Portugal. Shortly after the recording of Baby Teeth, Todd Caras left the band and was replaced with Kris Anderson.