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2008 CD

Safe At One
2003 7inch


"a slim, yet powerful treat that delivers the goods and exits with all fury intact. Each track is ruthless, crisp, and hard-hitting, exploring and updating the manic darkness of The Birthday Party and the catchiness of Bauhaus while adding a dash of minimal synth, German cabaret, and tarted-up glam rock for good measure." -Frank Deserto,

"Part of the up and coming post-punk/deathrock scene The music has a heavy sound that many mining the post-punk cave seem to pass over in favor of a more pop style. In any case this song knocks me out. Don't miss out on this one." - Swung By Seraphim

"... more of a man than youll ever be and more of a woman than youll ever get... on the edge of avant-garde rock n roll with the occasional wink to the Virgin Prunes... a sort of art school experiment gone wrong..." - Luminal Records