George W Bush Go Straight To F*cking H*ll by Zandosis
2006 CD

"Love them or hate them, Zandosis unleash their debut full length cd, "George W Bush Go Straight To F*cking H*ll". Just in time for the mid term elections, Zandosis unleashes a shotgun blast of mayhem. Sounding like Mike Patton fronting a guitarless Melt Banana on crack Zandosis WILL BLAST your ears with this cd.

"Jazz, punk, noise, whatever. Zandosis seems like it could care less. With a disc called George Bush Go Straight to F*cking H*ll filled with cacophous songs that sometimes last only seconds and sometimes last over 20 minutes, they don't fit the mold anywhere. But they have balls, and lungs, because they bash both on hilarious, terrifying tracks with names like "John Ashcroft Flattened Under the Weight of a 5,200-Pound Replica of the Ten Commandments." Scary stuff, but so is real life, and Zandosis cares about that more than comfortable conventions. What's in a name, indeed." - Morphizm

Released during the Fall of 2006

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