Owe by Sailor Winters
2006 CD-R

"Owe" is Ryan's debut release with stickfigure. Utilizing power electronics and drone Ryan creates a very thick and heavy but tranquil sound. This will appeal to fans of John Wiese, Daniel Menche and others.

"This is the second release for Georgia's (that's U.S., not Ukraine) Sailor Winters and it's a decent blend of Aphex Twin-like early ambient (as in the opening track "War Blanket", "My Sword Has Nine Blades"), Xiu Xiu-ish playful weirdness ( "Bitch is my Illness" , "Fourteen"), creepy Merzbow-y noise ("In my Hands", "Sodom Burns"), DJ Spooky-esque illbient (Yellow Dots), and swirling loops and locked grooves ala NON ("Aghata"). An exciting mishmash in the subgenera many simply label as 'noise'. I wish I knew more of Mr. Winters, but not much info came my way though I did dig the tunes that dropped by. (Jan.6. 2006)" - feastofhateandfear.com

Released in January 2006.

MP3 Sample of Yellow Dots

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