Terminal Muse: Red by Lid Emba
2010 CD
The first installment in the Terminal Muse trilogy, dedicated to the disease of creative impulse. All noises were conceived and executed within a year-long stretch of grueling medical treatment. Night nurses padded in and out; doctors were absent.

"As abstract as the tracks get, the music has a very organic feel. This isn't random improvisation - it's far too tight and it's melodic figures too deliberate to be 'happy accidents.' The perfect soundtrack to a downtown drive on a hot summer's night in a sinister mood - trouble awaits!" - Pushed Buttons Burning In

"Quite a furious little fucker and a very fine release. Earcleaning time." - Vital Weekly

"The tracks scream and rake away at your eardrums, creating soundscapes like urban wastelands, full of unpleasant pitfalls, yet nicer to have outside your back door than a rubbish dump." - Subba Cultcha

"If you're tempted, be prepared for this circa-26 minute instrumental extravaganza: a factory-fuelled splash of concrete sounds, where the abrasive texture is as important as any conventionally understandable rhythm or melody." - Sea of Tranquility

Terminal Muse: Red will be released on Tuesday, January 26th, 2010.

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