One's Not Enough by Femme Fatality
2008 CD

While they are not without admiration by the critics, albeit being described - somewhat helplessly - as the new Beastie Boys - "One's Not Enough", the second album of these pleasure seeking brothers, has now appeared.

Here, the concentrated, cheeky strength and the crude brazen wit come through more viciously and more clearly than in their firstling; and simultaneously, are far removed from the conventional, superficial electro-punk-sentiment of other formations.

"Come On, Come Out" is a highly atmospheric collection of quotations reminiscent of the best 1980s synth-pop-tradition with pointed, punctuated hip-hop intonations; in contrast the title song "One's Not Enough" strikes clearly harder sounds and riffs.

"Pretty Mess" has developed into a true hit - musical speed, which hits the raw, uncut charm of Femme Fatality on the mark and at the same time impressively documents that the Palermos not only draw the best out of all musical worlds but shout emphatically and straightforwardly into the world without consideration to convention.

While also unsparingly open, realistic and unpretentious in their basic message, just how colourful and multi-layered the duo is reveals itself in the surprising finale "Win, Lose, Die" - an almost cynically-biting statement about love and life and further proof that Femme Fatality's priority is not the trend but the song, entirely without any stylistic blinkers.

"One's Not Enough" is a refreshing, impetuous work whose strength and unrivalled radicalism - isolated from any kind of cliche - will not miss its mark.

Released In May of 2008

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