Lid Emba & BobCrane - We Substitute Radiance by Lid Emba
2008 CD

Lid Emba's 500 mile wide collab with Bobcrane, Ryan Huber's uber-metallic dronezone. A hook inflected collection of art damaged and benevolently demented musique electronique.

"An art-damaged jam between Tangerine Dream, early 90's Residents, and a dubbed-out electro-King Crimson. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Public Guilt

"Like a hallucinogenic mushroom cloud slowly dissolving in a dark dance club, bathing the dancers in radiation." - the one true dead angel

"Wicked, textural, and disturbing." - MastanMusic

"So mind bendingly complicated that to try and analyze it at any great length is enough to cause a brain hemorrhage for even the most decorated of polymaths." - Subba-Cultcha

"A bizzaro world aesthetic that manages to be dark and disturbing yet reassuring." - Ohmpark

Released April 2008

MP3 Sample: Flying Undead Overhead

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