One Hand Loves The Remix by One Hand Loves The Other
2007 CD

Featuring ten remixes of songs from their debut - one of which is a smash up of "don't know" and "rubbernecker nightingale" - Stickfigure proudly presents the One Hand Loves The Remix cd.

Treasure Fingers (sounds like a 1984 inner-city prom and the afterparty, of course.) remixed "Tortoise" and "Don't Know"; Jukebox Lungs remixed "burden of barnacles" and "rubbernecker nightingale"; Sta (sounds like androids on ecstasy) remixed "rubbernecker nightingale"; Filthy Sanchez (sounds like bLeeDing ChiLDren!!!) remixed "tortoise"; Like Clockwork remixed and smashed together both "don't know" and "rubbernecker nightingale"; Sidelmann remixed "don't know" and Music For People (sounds like boom-chic ting boom-boom-chic ting) remixed "rubbernecker nightingale" and "don't know".

All in all, this essential for fans. This is a limited pressing of 200 with professionally printed covers and professionally duplicated cd-r's. Each copy is hand numbered as well.

Released in November of 2007

MP3 Sample: One Hand Loves The Other Vs Filthy Sanchez - Tortoise

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