My Zipper Got Stuck by Airoes
2005 CD

Over a period of two years Jeph mastered and fine tuned the airoes songs on "My Zipper Got Stuck".

The problem was that while the live show was excellent, on record the songs were definitely lacking and jeph did not want to fall into the "atom and his package/har mar superstar i will only listen to the cd once" realm of music.

Finally airoes has now entered the recorded realm. This cd features sixteen tracks of pure airoes insanity. Airoes sound has matured into a virtual amalgamation of merzbow, abba, hip hop, dat politics, blectum from blechdom, I am spoonbender and more topped off with a total punk rawk spasticness.

Also featured on this cd is "rabbit economics" which is a massive fifteen minute blast of airoes remixing blame game. Intense.

Released in January 2005.

"The one-man electro violence dance party from Atlanta has released one of the best dance records in years. Drum machine beats and vocal are all Atlanta's "God Of Love" needs to decimate the dance floor. There are two kinds of kids in Atlanta, those who know and love Airoes and those who don't. Actually there is only kind of kid out there. Those who love Airoes. The rest of you might as well be DEAD!" - Chris Daresta

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