Magicicada by Magicicada
2005 CD-R
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Chris White is magicicada. This cd-r is one of three that he has released recently or will be releasing. Featured on this cd-r are three songs.

Chris is not to be known as a "laptop geek", chris transposes and manipulates raw sound to create enticing music. The first song present on this cd-r is "For My Hummingbird" which was recorded live in the basement of a local Atlanta university. It features harmonium, furnace, live loops and voice.

The second track is "I Demand My Fucking Cloud" which was recorded live @ 2040 dekalb ave. It features shurti box, guitar, gong, contact mics, found metal, vocals, and synthesizers.

The final song is entitled "Untitled" and was recorded live in Asheville, north Carolina. It was created by transforming the human voice using melodic effects.

Released in January 2005.

MP3 Sample of For My Hummingbird

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