Wheeljack by Wheeljack
1998 LP
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Wheeljack did not exist at the time of this release. Most of this record was recorded at the end of the summer of '97, around the same time as their last show.

When Wheeljack formed in November of '94, the whole San Diego thing had not caught up with them yet. Despite the fact that they had yet to hear Swing Kids or Antioch Arrow or any shit like that, they played in a similar fashion. A year later they added a keyboard player.

Again this was before the the VSS, or even Gems Of Masochism. They did the nice clothes thing too. Anyway, to make a long story short, the point is that there are lots of good bands who were doing the whole "tightpants hardcore" thing before it became a standard, a lot of them weren't anywhere near San Diego and weren't on labels that begin with the letter G.

Seeing as how this record came out a year and a half too late, it is not meant to be some sort of hip new release. Think of it more as a document of a band that did not get all of the attention they deserved, mainly due to the fact that they were from Atlanta, Georgia, instead of the west coast or something like that...

Recorded Fall of 1997.

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