Wild Silver by Warning Light
2011 CD

Warning Light (aka Drew Haddon) returns with "Wild Silver" which is his follow up full length to 2010's "Further On".

"Wild Silver" features twelve new tracks and showcases that Warning Light has definitely progressed immensely since "Further On".

"I'm not a big fan of drone but this track from Warning Light's forthcoming album Wild Silver touches enough ambient reference points to make it dreamy, rather than dull. This is another track (like Jad Cooper's here) where the picture of the sea matches the feel of the track. Last time it was sun on glittering sea. This time it is gentle swell and autumnal sea haze. The drone ebbs and flows until waves finally lap on the shore." - Acid Ted


"In the Tidal Break," the second single from Warning Light's upcoming full-length, Wild Silver, materialized online this week. (08/16/11)

"High Watershed" was the first single from the album, which served as a bit of a bridge into Warning Light (aka Drew Haddon) change of direction. This second offering comes as more of a departure, relying less on ambiance and noise while moving into areas of maximized minimalism channeled into an invisible soundtrack - sort of a Philip Glass meets Goblin kind of thing. But there's still plenty of meta activity going on beneath the ever-constant plod to keep things interesting. John Carpenter would probably be into it. - Chad Radford / Creative Loafing Atlanta

"Wild Silver" will be released on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011.

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"I've been rewatching a few John Carpenter films lately (it's that time of year, and Netflix Instant has most of the good ones), and one of the most consistently enjoyable parts of his filmography is his iconic soundtrack work. It's compelling music in its own right, capable of creating and sustaining a mood even when separated from its associated images. It's no wonder that his soundtracks have become a common reference point for the current crop of synthesizer-centric experimentalists.

Warning Light's Wild Silver sounds like a soundtrack to a lost Carpenter film. Each of the twelve tracks is a cinematic miniature of textured atmosphere, with enough variety among them that the hour running time never feels excessive. "In the Tidal Break" and "The Universal Rewrite" move with an icy propulsion; other tracks like "Whispering Priest" and "High Watershed" suggest a stillness on the verge of being shattered. It's good music for a fall afternoon." - Little Advances