Fateful 808s by Snowbride
2015 CD

"Snowbride is Rachel McIntosh and Drew Haddon (of Warning Light), two artists from the Atlanta area. The band started making music together in 2013, recording and self-releasing a debut collection of eclectic lo-fi psych called Southern Minds. The band conceived of three short albums, a "Southern Trilogy," to explore the melting pot of the modern South. Southern Minds' follow-up, Fateful 808s finds the experimental duo refining their approach with a more focused use of synthesizers and beatmaking, produced over the course of a wet hot Georgia summer.

The sounds were inspired by cruising around Atlanta while listening to ambient records in traffic, but still hearing the bass-heavy hip hop beats from the surrounding cars. Fateful 808s explores the dubbed out, Southern-Psych-Noir of modern Southern cities. Snowbride hopes to conclude their trilogy later in 2015 with the release of Small Town Synthetics, a combination Zine/Album that focuses on a decidedly small town DIY aesthetic, while further developing their mix of shimmering electronics and psychedelic pastoral vibes."

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"Blissed-out electronica from SNOWBRIDE (Drew Haddon from WARNING LIGHT and Rachel McIntosh) reflects the ambient sounds of a hot Georgia summer." - Deadly Music

"Southern beatmakers, Snowbride takes mind-melt psych rock and pairs it with droning synths. Blissed out and worn, "Rooftop Islands" has its own hazy sheen." - The Music Court