Oftenchance by Warning Light
2015 CD

Warning Light has been the collected musical journey of Drew Haddon these past ten years. From early lo-fi noise to panoramic ambient synthesizer pieces, Warning Light has evolved throughout dozens of cassettes and CDrs. Along the way, Haddon founded the DIY noise label Sleepaway Recordings and his more recent PersistentMidnight cassette label, while playing in Atlanta mutantdisco quartet Roman Photos and minimal synth project High Marks.

His current output finds Haddon working with more danceable rhythms and effected synth textures, loops of krautrock-like mantras and psychedelic post punk synthwork. Oftenchance offers a journey through sunny streaming fields and past the farthest wind swept strait, a mixtape of driving head music for epic inner trips. Haddon refers to the new sound as "nostalgic coffee kosmiche," knowing that isn't quite related to genre so much as it is providence.

Oftenchance was recorded and mixed by Haddon largely at a lake cabin over several months in North Georgia, and mastered by Matt Weiner of DKA Records.

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"One of Atlanta's most prolific and eclectic composers, it's not unusual for Drew Haddon to juggle multiple projects at a single time; whether it be the harsh abrasion of downers., the sustained dread of Outer Gods or the airy mysticism of Snowbride, Haddon has displayed a remarkable versatility to go along with his tireless work ethic. But of his many projects both past and present, it's his work as Warning Light that has come to define him the most as an artist.

For over a decade, Haddon has used the moniker as a launching pad for his experimental synth explorations, vacillating between icy monochromatic drones and more rhythmic compositions that throb with a motorik pulse. On his upcoming sixth full-length effort, Oftenchance, he seems intent on uniting those disparate impulses into a sound that's repetitive and hypnotic, yes, but also melodic and free-flowing in a way that feels almost danceable.

The album's second single, "A Love Complication," seems simple and straightforward; that is, until you begin examining the overlapping instrumentation and subtle textures that roll across the track's buzzing synths in so many cascading waves. It's a track that seems especially suited for driving; more specifically it's a soundtrack for late night runs through the city when the world collapses into a neon haze of shimmering street lights and spectral taillight streaks. The atmosphere is muted and meditative, yet still somehow seductive. According to his press release, large parts of Oftenchance were recorded and mixed by Haddon over several months at a lake cabin in North Georgia. But rather than emitting a sense of serenity or isolation, the dominant mood here is one of romantic yearning. It's the closest Warning Light has ever come to writing a love song, and while the title is suggestive of difficulty or an obstacle to overcome, the track's pastel-coated ambience and understated propulsion feels positively liberating." - Immersive Atlanta