Dismal Rift by Outer Gods
2016 CD

Dismal Rift is the fourth album by Atlanta based Outer Gods.

"Pull back your chair, rest the light and allow yourself to float.

From the just under one and a quarter hour five track EP - the opener is Black Mountain Drone, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Minding of North facing mountain cliffs (or South facing if one is climbing in the Southern Hemisphere), the approaching twenty five minute track paces the pulsing arms and legs with the slow progress up a 2 000 metre face whilst showered in falling rocks and ice across a barren face of unremitting incline and overhang, yet despite the fact of being held by points of crampons supported by aching thighs and cramped calves, with arms screaming from scratching pick points into lumps of fragile connection, the expansive beauty of the outlying crops of geological formation holds the mind transfixed and the inner turmoil subsides to reflect on the surrounding disinterest in ones own comparative tenuousness.

Dismal Drifting (Rift) is an EP I most certainly recommend getting hold of to add to 'comparative contemplation music playlist'." - Emerging Indie Bands

MP3 Sample: Black Mountain Drone promo edit

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