Every Thing by Otophobia
1999 CDr

Everything that Otophobia had recorded through 1999.

"OTOPHOBIA are a solid mix of grindcore and crust. One song they will be tearing through a track sounding like PHOBIA's little brother (a brother Otto, perhaps?) then the next song will be rife with classic hardcore riffing and gargled vocals so crusty you can almost smell the halitosis. Lyrically the band forgo socio-political ranting and focus on follies and foibles closer to home. The decry every type of scene idiot you can think of... the tough guys, the hypocrites, the posers, the drunks, etc." - In Music We Trust

100 hand-numbered copies made.

1-15 previously released on Otophobia 7".
16-25, 28 previously released on Source of Confusion 7".
31, 32, 34-36 later released on Split 7" with Reason of Insanity.

15 originally by Go!
26 originally by Gauze
27 originally by Doom
28 originally by Void
29 originally by Negative Approach
30 originally by State Of Alert

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