Spoils For Sleepwalkers by Blind The Thin King
2018 CDr

"The pervasive struggle in creating Spoils For Sleepwalkers was attempting to bend synthetics into organics, to pretend my analogs and digitoids could conjure ghost organs and spirit pianos, processional drummers, ritual chorales, wood and metal hybrids sounding in dank caves. To enact shades of dissonance instead of bleeding sonics. To simulate weather patterns instead of circuitry vibrations.

Perhaps all I've achieved is debasement of my memory fragments of the classical music and opera that my parents played on their couch-sized stereo console when I was a kid. Whatever. The gap between original intention and final result is often vast, but at least having an unreachable goal can get the work done (if you're a masochist).

Spoils also inaugurates my Terminal Muse Futilities brand (not a label, more a repository for my work thus far and that to come), and is a co-release with my friends at Stickfigure Recordings. Bless them." - Sean Moore

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