Safe At One by Entertainment
2003 7inch
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"safe at one" is the debut single from atlanta's very eNTERTAINME.nt. eNTERTAINME.nt have existed for a couple of years as of early 2002, however eNTERTAINME.nt has been spending that time refining their sound and solidifying the membership of the band. Sonicly, eNTERTAINME.nt draw upon a wide range of influences including Bauhaus, joy division, radiohead, U2 and brian eno as well as more modern underground influences such as the love life and the vanishing. Two songs are presented for listeners with this 7": "safe at one" and "the queen's beasts". Both tracks posses a dark pop backbone complete with swirling, graceful keyboard melodies. Some fans have described eNTERTAINME.nt as U2 covering the love life. Recorded during Summer and Fall of 2003. Out Of Print.

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The 7" only featured the aforementioned two tracks. However the entire demo cd-r entitled "Exhibition" featuring five tracks recorded in 2003 is now online for fans to enjoy.

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